John Newton’s Letters

The Letters of John Newton

 I ordered this yesterday.

My daughters went to see the pre-Broadway musical in Chicago the other day and as we were talking about John Newton and his life, I noticed that he was a letter writer!  I like him even more now!

I read a little bit last night. It made me long for the days of written … handwritten … correspondence again.  While I’m the first to acknowledge that email is convenient, fast and really handy, it can never and will never replace the heartfelt sincerity that a real letter can convey.

There are many books out there chronicling the letters of famous and not so famous people. Run to the library, visit a bookstore or shop (click here) on Amazon to find some and use it as inspiration to write your own letter to someone you love.


I’ll leave you with this portion of a letter written by Beethoven in 1800:

Vienna, June 29, 1800.


How much I thank you for your remembrance of me, little as I deserve it, or have sought to deserve it; and yet you are so kind that you allow nothing, not even my unpardonable neglect, to discourage you, always remaining the same true, good, and faithful friend. That I can ever forget you or yours, once so dear and precious to me, do not for a moment believe. There are times when I find myself longing to see you again, and wishing that I could go to stay with you. My father-land, that lovely region where I first saw the light, is still as distinct and beauteous in my eyes as when I quitted you; in short, I shall esteem the time when I once more see you, and again greet Father Rhine, as one of the happiest periods of my life. When this may be I cannot yet tell; but at all events I may say that you shall not see me again till I have become eminent, not only as an artist, but better and more perfect as a man; and if the condition of our father-land be then more prosperous, my art shall be entirely devoted to the benefit of the poor. Oh, blissful moment!–how happy do I esteem myself that I can expedite it and bring it to pass!

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