Books to Help you Write

If it's been a while since you took  up a pen and jotted a note to a loved one, you may be at a loss as to what to say and how to say it.  Never fear!  There are many who have gone before you who took the time to write down their thoughts and ideas and created lovely things called ... books!  

In these books are pages and pages of glorious words ready to help you create your own correspondence masterpiece.

Here are a few books you might enjoy:

I Love You, Ronnie  -  I don't know how I missed this book all my life but I just got it this week and really feel like I've been missing out until now.  Nancy Reagan shares her love story with husband, Ronald Reagan - and more importantly, shares the sweet letters he wrote to her throughout their marriage.  Just read the back cover - you'll be hooked.  And you'll be inspired to write more love letters to your sweetie and others too.

The Art of the Handwritten Note and The Art of the Personal Letter  by Margaret Shepherd.  Margaret writes calligraphy books so not only does she see the importance of the handwritten word, she believes that writing should be beautiful. These are two little "how to" book to help you write well - and often.

Write the Right Words  - It's always helpful to have a guide as you write, especially if you've not written a letter or personal note in quite some time.  Sandra Lamb has a couple of good books to spur your thoughts and help you say the right thing the right way.

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