How to write a birthday card


Write a birthday note – How to write the perfect birthday note or card

Birthdays are the perfect time to send someone you love (or just like!) a personalized handwritten note or letter.  While some friends or family members probably would be thrilled with a 5 page handwritten letter from you, the occasion of a birthday really is the perfect time to send a quick note in with a fun card.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to get beyond writing “Happy Birthday” so here are some tips to write a birthday note for your friend’s special day.

1. Remind him of why he’s your friend – what are some qualities in him that you admire and draw you to him in friendship.

2.  Thank her for what she’s done for you in the past – a conversation you had, a gift she gave you, the way she interacted with your children, etc.

3.  Send it belated – on purpose.  Let the recipient know that you intentionally mailed it late because you wanted it to be special for a special person.

4.  Or even better, send it early!  Send it a week or two before the actual date and let him know that you wanted to be the very first to celebrate the day.

5.  Write a note of thanks to your friend’s parents – thanking them for raising such a great person.

6. Include quotes, poems, scripture verses or song lyrics that might be memorable and meaningful to your her.

7.  Start writing and then stop without closing up the envelope. Give yourself a day or two to think of other things to say – you never know what might come to mind!

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