Letter Writing Exibit

Who would have thought that simple letter writing would be featured at a gallery?  Well, it is and I think it's wonderful.  

The Folks at the Kitao Gallery, a gallery run by the students of Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, are currently (as of March 2013) exhibiting ”Handwritten Letters Exhibit: Swarthmore Student Correspondences Throughout the Years."

Organized by student Abby Holtzman, Swarthmore class of 2016, this exhibit celebrates letter writing as a unique form of communication.

Says Abby when asked about her pen pal project and the motivation for the exhibit:

“I’m really into writing and I always have been, sort of the idea of communication as something that you should put more thought into, something that can be beautiful and lasting and meaningful,” Holtzman said. “So I had the idea to sort of start collecting more letters because I’m kind of obsessed with writing and emblems of the past.” 

The letters go back as far as 1942 and include present letters written to pen pals on campus. Some of the letters are many pages long.

Another student said, regarding letter writing as communication:

 “When you write letters, when you handwrite them, when you take the time to take out a piece of paper and a pen, you are forced to consider everything you are saying, […] you have to consider every phrase, every sentence” - E. King - Class of 2016

We agree!  Read more about the exibit and the students when you visit their daily news page at Swarthmore.edu

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