Lunch box notes

The folks over at Crane and Company (they have gorgeous stationery and note cards, fyi) just posted a short article with tips on writing the perfect lunch box note for your kids’ school lunch.

The tips include:

1. Keep it short – part of the fun of the lunch time on a school day is being able to interact with other kids so don’t monopolize your child’s time with a 5 page letter!

2. Don’t use the fancy stationery (even though Crane sells it!) – chances are pretty good it’ll get smeared with pb & j and possibly end up in the trash anyway.

3. Be specific – remind your child of something special between the two of you (love this!)

4. Make it a suprise. Don’t throw a love note in lunch every day. Make it special and it’ll stay special!

You can read the whole article here (CLICK)!

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