Our Correspondence Service

Try as we might to convince you to put the laptop aside for a few minutes and send a handwritten note or letter to someone, we know there are some of you that just, well, can't or won't.

We also know that you know there are certain people who would really enjoy a nice card or note in the mail from you.

What to do?

Well thankfully there are some options.  You can still send cards from your computer!

Our Personal Correspondence Service allows you to send real handwritten cards to those you love.  We have several ways for you to use our services:

1) We do it all.  You just contact us with the information of the person who needs correspondence from you. We’ll craft the content based on your recommendations, okay it with you and then handwrite it for you on a lovely card or high quality stationery.

2) We do some of it.  Want it to come from you but just don’t have the time to do it yourself?  We’ll do similar to the above but leave some space for you to jot other notes and your signature and then you can mail it from your own post office so it’s postmarked directly from you.  Another option here is to use our creative writing abilities - we’ll actually craft the content and you can just copy it down in your handwriting onto the card or stationery we send to you.

3) We do just a little bit.  For this option, we’ll just be your reminder service.  We’ll get everything to you except the pen and time to write.  You’ll receive a stamped envelope already addressed and ready to go to - all you have to do is jot your note or letter, seal it and get it in a mailbox and on it’s way. 

4) We’ll work however you have need.  All of our work is custom crafted for our clients.

Contact us for more details for your next writing project!

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