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My Love Affair with Traveler’s Notebooks

Several years ago my husband and I went on a quick jaunt to Ireland and traveled with some friends of ours. It was wonderful, short, whirlwind, exhausting, and oh, so, fun!

While there we got to hit some of the better touristy shops that aren’t necessarily the tourist traps that the average person finds. Our friends, you see, are from Ireland. So they were able to steer us in the right direction. One of these fabulous shops had tons of pens, paper, journals, everything… everything one could dream up. It was a little taste of correspondence heaven.

I wanted to find something unique to bring back for my daughters, so this was the place. I stumbled on this:

Traveler’s Notebook from Ireland

Isn’t it fabulous? While it’s a faux vegan leather thing, this is over 4 years old and it still looks new. And my daughter has given it a good workout since I gave it to her!

Inside it has these great pockets and things:

T’s notebook – inside

Spots for credit cards, your passport, change, a pen loop and more. This would be considered a “Wide” size in the TN world. You’ll notice this particular book doesn’t have the usual strings but when I bought this I didn’t really know what Traveler’s Notebooks were.

Now I do.

But it started here. With this. Because after I bought one each for my girls, I spent the next years trying to find something similar for myself.

And then… Facebook introduced me to… Chic Sparrow. And my life has never been the same.

To be continued…